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You are in the OR with a 3-year-old patient having a total hemispherectomy secondary to intractable epilepsy. Suddenly you lose end-tidal CO2. You immediately check pulses and none are present. Chest compressions are started. To assure that high quality CPR is being administered what minimum end-tidal CO2 goal should be set?

a) 35

b) 30

c) 25

d) 20

e) 15

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Answer E.

A goal end-tidal CO2 reading of 15 should be set during an arrest. If 15 is not being achieved then attention should be given to improving the rate, depth, and recoil of compressions and minimizing of interruptions. In this case, verifying placement of the ETT and ruling out venous air embolism are also important.


This question originally printed in the Pediatric Anesthesiology Review Topics kindle book series, and appears courtesy of Naerthwyn Press, LLC.


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