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All of the following are true concerning a child presenting for surgery with a URI EXCEPT:

A. An LMA is associated with less perioperative respiratory complications than an ETT

B. Practitioners with more than 10 years of experience are MORE likely to cancel a child with a URI than practitioners with less than 10 years experience

C. The MINIMUM time of increased airway reactivity after a URI is 2 weeks

D. IV hydration likely raises the risk of perioperative respiratory complications


The answer is D.

IV hydration likely lowers the risk of complications (changing nature and thickness of secretions, etc.). All of the other are true. This info comes from the A&A review article in 2005 by Tait et al[1] out of the University of Michigan. It even has a (mostly helpful) algorithm for deciding on whether or not to cancel a child with a URI presenting for surgery. However, the algorithm is still vague and leaves a lot to provider interpretation. The article contains a concise, helpful summary of the child with a URI.


  1. Tait AR, Malviya S. Anesthesia for the child with an upper respiratory tract infection: still a dilemma? Anesth Analg. 2005.


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